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Tentacle Wars 2

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Tentacle Wars 2 - the second edition of the most interesting strategy game I have ever played. Even though that there are a lot of other games similar to this one, Tentacle Wars stands above the crowd. The game is about an alien cells that are here to capture everything. You play as a cell units that have an awesome weapon - tentacles. Before starting to play please read my advice, so you will succeed better. You control a unit that has 2 tentacles. This means that you can use two tentacles to capture other units or base of your enemy. Also keep an eye on the power limit - the higher is the power limit of your unit - the more powerful it is. The game starts and you have only one unit, just like your enemy. You should use the tentacles to capture nearby cells and become stronger. You can even feed the unit which is under attack or you can attack the enemy unit.

Before starting an attack keep an eye on the power of the unit. If it is not enough to capture the enemy - you will lose. To win the battle you should capture all enemy units. Remember that you can attack from two and even three sides at the same time. My advice for you is that you capture all nearby units as soon as the game begin, to make them stronger under your control. Hope you will enjoy the full version of the Tentacle Wars 2 at our website.